Perfumes (women)

Perfumes (Women)

Arba Wardat
( WP0006 )

Arba Wardat Exclusive Arabian Perfume Oil is a creative mix of floral and fruity ingredients, which is a soft confluence of contrasting notes.- The top notes carry citrusy (bergamot), fruity – floral (jasmine, rose), which have been specially created to introduce softness and beauty.- The middle notes of floral-woody (sandal & woody mix), ambery, mossy awakens the senses with spicy...

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( WP0008 )

OUDH AL RAGHDA, exotic 12ml Oriental perfume oil or attar by Rasasi of UAE. Rising above the shimmering sands of the desert, inspired by ages of Arabian civilization, “Oudh Al Raghda” illustrates all the characteristic of the legendary image of a Desert Princess. Tangerine and black-currant bud sparkle on a spicy bed of cardamom and ginger. The flowers are romantically white...

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Al Sunnah Perfumes for Women
( WP0022 )

By Al-Sunnah Perfumes
Alcohol Free




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